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Sacramento Promstuck Date Changed!


Hey everyone! Ryan here! I just thought I’d let everyone know that the date for the Sacramento Promstuck has changed to the 27th of June! 

See here! 

This was posted to the Facebook event page (here) quite a while ago, but the event itself has yet to show the change. If you are going to the Sacramento Promstuck, but have yet to join the Facebook event page go ahead and add yourself to the event!! 

Also, if you have to yet to add yourself the attendance sheet, please do so!! 

And if any of you feel like contributing and helping out, here is the volunteer sheet!!


- Ryan

Take note! The Sacramento Promstuck has moved from the 15th of June to two days into Summer Session I - Wednesday, June 27th. On the flip side, at least this give us a little more time to tweak those cosplays between the end of finals and the actual event, for those who can still go.